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Spot guide & surfboard test center included!!

• Daily check of surf forecasts
• Optimal evaluation and selection of spots
• Surf equipment adapted to you and the daily conditions
• Transport to more than 10 different surf spots
• Excellent spot knowledge and helpful tips

All in our surf courses.
Surf lessons including spot guide and surfboard test center !!

Many surf camps and surf houses always offer their surf courses on the same beach, their so-called home spot. On the one hand, this may be very practical, as you neither have to walk far nor drive far by car, and you can save yourself the effort of looking at various spots and their forecasts.On the other hand, surfing is a nature sport and its conditions, such as wind and wave direction, wind strength and wave size, are constantly changing. A single surf spot cannot always offer the ideal conditions for surfing.

That is why we always align our surf lessons with the current weather and wave conditions. Adapted to the daily forecast, spot guiding is included in the class to guarantee you the best possible surf for the day.

Our Surf House is surrounded by more than 10 different spots, which are all offering different wind and swell directions, wave sizes and tides. They offer us a wide swell window, as well as numerous wind-protected alternatives and various options for large or small waves, depending on surfing level and taste. Whether beginner or advanced, there is a variety of spots for every level.

Every evening our surf instructors check out the wave forecast for the surrounding beaches on the two forecast pages of magicseaweed (https://magicseaweed.com/Rio-Siera-Surf-Report/4366/) and surf-forecast (https: // es. surf-forecast.com/breaks/Playade-Rio-Sieira) and then decide where and when to go surfing the next day.

The following criteria are taken into account:
1.) Where are the best conditions? We use the process of elimination.
• Wind: How strong is the wind and from which direction is it coming?
Off shore, a little side shore or no wind are ideal for surfing.
• Waves: Which direction does the swell come from, how big is it and
how long is the period? When choosing the wave size, it depends on
both the ability and the preferences of the individual surfers. A
good swell period is at least 10 seconds.
• Tides: When and how high or low are high and low tides? The main
thing here is when you should be in the water and how long the time
window is for surfing.

2.) What level do the individual surfers have? Since we offer surf courses for beginners as well as for intermediate and advanced surfers, the individual groups sometimes go to two different spots. This is especially the case when the conditions at several spots are good; however, the wave size is very different.

With our spot guide you are guaranteed to be in the right place at the right time and also get helpful tips about the respective beach:
Our surf instructors point out currents and other dangers in the water and explain how to recognize them. They show the easiest and safest way to get into the line-up, describe the peak and help you choose the right wave.

Furthermore, we offer our guests the perfect opportunity to adapt the board choice on the daily weather and wave conditions. With the help of our local shaper – Stinky Tofu Surf – we have put together a test center on surfboard, including long boards, short boards, retro boards and other alternative board shapes. We are happy to help with the board selection in order to make you feel comfortable in the water, and to make you find the board that suits the surf level as well as the daily conditions.

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