Surf Camps for Adults – Part 2

 In Surf House as Furnas

In our last blog post, we talked about the general characteristics of surf camps for adults and summarized their advantages compared to camps for teenagers or mixed age groups.

In the following text, we would like to introduce you to our surf camp, Surf House As Furnas, located on the west coast of Galicia, just an hour from Santiago de Compostela.

Surf House As Furnas – Surf Camp in Galicia

Located in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, it is an emerging destination for surfers who want to experience the rugged beauty of the Atlantic coast. The Galician coast benefits from consistent waves and offers a unique backdrop for surfing adventures. The region is characterized by unspoiled beaches, green hills, and charming fishing villages.

Our surf house is exclusively for adults. Arrival and departure days are flexible, and full weeks do not need to be booked. Our guests are mainly between the ages of 30 and 50. They value comfortable accommodation, good and balanced nutrition, enjoy sports, and often gather in the evenings for a glass of wine or beer.

We focus exclusively on adults looking for a break from everyday life and wanting to deepen their passion for surfing. Here, you’ll not only experience the thrill of surfing but also a wide range of activities to make your stay unforgettable.

The emphasis is, of course, on surfing. We offer surf courses for beginners as well as for intermediate and advanced surfers.

For beginners, we start with a thorough introduction to the basics of surfing. In a theory session, participants learn about the correct positioning on the board, paddling techniques, safety precautions, and wave dynamics. Our experienced instructors then guide students step by step through practical exercises in shallow water to put what they’ve learned into practice.

For intermediate surfers who already have basic skills, we offer courses aimed at taking their abilities to the next level. We focus on more advanced techniques such as bottom turns, cutbacks, and duck dives. Our instructors also conduct a photo analysis to highlight individual areas for improvement and help students refine their technique.

For advanced surfers, we offer specialized courses focusing on advanced maneuvers, wave reading, and surfing in various conditions. These courses are ideal for surfers looking to further develop their skills and master new challenges. Photo analysis is also an integral part here to improve even the finest details of performance.

Furthermore, you can also book beach transport including surf guiding or simply opt for daily spot guiding tailored to you. Additionally, we offer surf skate lessons in our surf camp to improve surfing fundamentals even outside the water.

For a holistic experience and to round off our program, we also offer yoga classes to strengthen the body and mind and improve flexibility. After an active day on the water, our guests can also relax with massages and prepare for the next day of surfing.

Our surf camp in Galicia offers the perfect opportunity to explore the exciting world of surfing, relax, and make new friendships in a friendly community. Galicia, with its stunning nature and hospitable atmosphere, promises a unique and unforgettable surfing experience.

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