Surf Courses and Surf Lessons in Galicia, Spain

Start your adventure on the waves with our surf courses and surf lessons in A Coruña, Galicia.

Surf Courses in Galicia

Do you want to acquire the necessary skills to enjoy surfing? Our surf courses in A Coruña are the perfect way whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer.

Each surf course is done in small groups and our instructors have certificates of qualification (issued by the International Surfing Association ISA, the Galician Surfing Federation FGS and the Spanish Surfing Federation FES), as well as many years of teaching experience.

We adapt to your needs, so you can book your surf course on site or in advance. You can also change the level of your training.


Surf lessons in Galicia

Our surf lessons in A Coruña are ideal if you prefer an individual approach or if you simply want to try surfing for three or four hours a day.

The Surf House has the ideal location for surf lessons as it is surrounded by more than 10 spots with different wind and swell directions, wave sizes and tides.

The lesson includes:

  • A spot guide to orientate you in good practice.
  • Photo analysis to improve your style and technique.

Transport to the beach with surf guiding

At Surf House As Furnas, we know that part of the surfing experience is exploring different beaches and breaks. That’s why we offer transport to the beach with surf guiding.

We will take you to the most exciting local surf spots and help you choose the right spot according to your level and the conditions of the day.In addition, our instructors will be on hand at all times to advise you.

Spot guide

Every beach and break is unique, and in Galicia we have a wide variety to explore.Our instructors know these waters inside out and will guide you in choosing the best spot for your surf session.

From beaches with gentle waves ideal for beginners to challenging spots for more experienced surfers, we will take you to the perfect spot with the help of various satellite images.

Surf Equipment & Testcenter

At Surf House As Furnas, we provide you with the highest quality surf equipment. We have a complete Testcenter where you can choose the board and wetsuit that best suits your needs and skill level. We have:

  • Softboard of different models and sizes.
  • Shortboard.
  • Longboard.

Equipment hire

If you prefer to travel with little luggage, we offer you the option of renting surf equipment. You can choose the type of board and wetsuit you prefer, giving you the flexibility to adapt your equipment to changing sea conditions.

We have a large selection of boards as well as various shapes available for you to enjoy your yoga and surf retreat. We only rent boards from our test centre to surfers with at least 4 weeks surfing experience.