Surfing in Spain, Galicia
You have enough of crowded line ups in France and Portugal, of unfriendly locals and full parking places. And should you finally catch a wave there are a dozen of surf students in your way …
Then come to us and make a completely new experience. Surfing in Galicia !!

The Galician coast is certainly the place with the most days of surf on the European mainland. The area around the surf house is completely untouched by mass tourism. The many miles of sandy surfing beaches in the immediate vicinity of the surf house offer the optimal conditions for surfing. Whether beginner or advanced, you can always find the appropriate conditions.

Within 5 minutes by bike you are on the two beaches As Furnas and Rio Sieira and surf in a pleasant atmosphere surrounded by an unique landscape.
Both beaches are breaking on sand and work best at low tide to mid tide. For bigger swell you can surf there even at high tide. The waves in As Furnas are a bit slower and not as steep as the waves in Rio Sieira. They are slightly faster and sometimes also hollow, offering you some tubes.
In the summer months the water temperature is between 19 ° and 21 ° and keeps it also usually until late autumn. For surfing and other water sports a 3 / 2mm neoprene is appropriate for this time and a 4 / 3mm for the rest of the year.

Surf Course in Spain, Galicia
The surf course takes place exclusively in small groups. This allows our instructor to respond individually to our participants and errors can be corrected quickly and efficiently.

The surf lesson takes 2 hours. It consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The trained instructors are licensed by the International Surfing Association ISA.

In addition, you also get information about each surf spot. So if you like to practice something on your own next to the surf course, you can also rent a surf equipment at the surf house. You can also always practice at the surf simulator or on the slackline to improve your balance.

And where are you surfing this summer?
 Visit our homepage and find out more about surfing in Spain, Galicia.

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