Surfing with the softboard works quite well. Your paddling technique is good and you are more or less physically fit. You can make it into the lineup and you can also paddle diagonally. You do the take off in one jump and not over the knee and you can go right and left along the wave. You also have the necessary know-how when and which wave you should paddle and you are aware about the dangers regarding currents etc. Yes? Yes!!
Then it’s definitely time for your first surfboard.

Local shaper in Galicia, North Spain. Handmade, custommade surfboards.

Stinky Tofu Surf – Surfboards made in Europe

But this is not so easy nowadays, because the selection is endless and you are also no expert on surfboards.
That’s why we would like to help you to find the perfect surfboard and introduce you to the Shaper of Stinky Tofu Surfboards:

His name is Alex Cancio, comes from Galicia in northern Spain and is shaping surfboards since 2010 thanks to the help of Bruce Smith and Neil Bird (Mundaka Surfboards).

“The goal in Stinky Tofu Surfboards is to produce the best surfboards both high performance and retroboards; Always focused on the latest trends in design and materials as well as tradition and creativity. “

In Stinky Tofu Surfboards a variety of surfboards are made: longboards, minimalibus, evolution surfboards, single and twin finboards, retro surfboards, fishshapes, and three and four fin shortboards. On the homepage of Stinky Tofu Surfboards you will find different models from the aforementioned Surfboards and always new models come.

Regarding to the surfboard core, you can choose between a polyurethane (PU) and an expanded polystyrene rigid foam (EPS) – also known as polystyrene. EPS surfboards have the advantage that they are lighter and more resilient and have more buoyancy. Major brands such as Slater Designs, Firewire Surfboards and Haydenshapes work exclusively with EPS.

The Surfboards from Stinky Tofu Surf are also very versatile. There are Airbrush, Tinted Resin and Posca Designs, as well as self designed logos or photos.

custom-made-surfboards-stinky-tofu-surf6.jpeg Shaping surfboards. High quality surfboards. Three fins, quad, single fin, retro, longboards.

To get in touch with Alex, you can either write it to facebook or send an email to He speaks Spanish and English and answers you within one day. The average time for a custom surfboard is about one month. The boards are shipped to Europe.


Stinky Tofu Surf

+34 634 690 455




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