Galicia is undoubtedly the place with the highest probability of waves in Mainland Europe.
The remaining, untouched by mass tourism region in the immediate vicinity of the Surf House, together with its miles of sandy beaches and coves, offers ideal conditions for surfing.Whether beginner or advanced, for each level and for almost every forecast you can find the appropriate conditions. Overcrowded lineups do not exist here!

Surf lessons

The surf courses are exclusively in small groups (max. 7 people). This allows us to respond individually to our participants and thus, a faster learning in a friendly atmosphere is guaranteed. The provided surfing equipment is in perfect condition and comply with the latest safety standards.

All beaches are about a one to 15 minute drive from each other. Some of the best spots are: Vilar, Ladeira, Corrubedo, Las Furnas and Rio Sieira.

The water temperature during the summer months amounts to about 20 degrees, which usually persists until late October. For water sports such as surfing and kitesurfing we recommend a 3/2mm wetsuit during the summer months, and a 4/3mm wetsuit for the rest of the year.

• Detailed theoretical and practical lessons
• Information about each surf spots
• The right surfboard and wetsuit, matching both your surf level and your body proportions
• Professional surf lessons with qualified surf instructors (Licensed by the International Surfing Association ISA or the Galician Surf federation.)
• Photo and Video Analysis


In recent years, more and more surfers have discovered yoga for themselves. For surfing, you need both strength, endurance and balance and coordination; properties that are trained in yoga practice. More flexibility and better body voltage can significantly improve your surfing. In addition, muscles and tendons are stretched and relaxed during yoga, and you’re therefore automatically protected against injuries.

The yoga classes are always designed to complement surf lessons. In good weather, the classes are given either in the garden at the Surf House or at the beach of As Furnas, while in bad weather they take place in the cultural centre of Xuño.

We only work with experienced and qualified yoga teachers who know exactly what constitutes the right combination of stretching, breathing and concentration, and relaxation.

Language course

The course should be fun in the first place. Within a week you’ll not become an expert neither you shall be able to write poetry in Spanish. But the language course should serve you as some basis on which you can build later. The aim is to implement what you have learned and apply it in everyday situations as well.

In our language course, all aspects of a general language training are taken into account, however, the communicative aspect stands in the foreground.

Our language teacher has years of experience in teaching languages, as well as a Spanish Language Diploma (DELE).

• Course materials (dictionary, copies, vocabulary lists, grammar exercises, etc…)
• Role playing, dialogue exercises
• Practice exercises (supermarket shopping, ordering in a bar / restaurant)
• Information about culture, society and gastronomy



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